The Thigh Lift, by Inside Beauty

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At Inside Beauty every patient is a premier member of our clinic. You are catered with top-of-the-line service each step of the way. Every surgery is 100% customized to meet your every need given your unique circumstances. We take a tremendous deal of pride in our highly personalized approach. In achieving beauty, communication is key. At Inside Beauty, we guarantee to create a lasting relationship with you, one that is warm, meaningful and memorable.  

Flabby inner and outer thighs can have a dramatic impact on our body-image and self confidence. Unfortunately, diet and exercise alone cannot always be a solution for the excess loose skin and stubborn fat we may have. At Inside Beauty we have gathered a team of highly trained experts to perform your Thigh Lift. We are beauty experts, and are here to help you make the best decision for your beauty goals. 

Inside Beauty offer both a mini thigh lift and a full thigh lift. The mini thigh lift requires a very small incision in the groin area, while the full thigh lift involves a larger incision beginning in the groin region and extending down to the knee. While we would all prefer to have the mini thigh lift, the best decision will be based on how much excess skin needs to be removed. Patients seeking to remove a very small amount of excess skin, may be good candidates for the mini thigh lift. In the case that you need to remove a significant amount of unwanted skin or fatty tissue, we would generally recommend a full thigh lift for the most aesthetically appealing results. The goal for both procedures however is exactly the same, to create two elegant, smooth, and symmetrical thighs that people will not be able to keep their eyes off of.  

The Procedure: 

The Thigh Lift procedure generally lasts between two to four hours to complete, typically under general anesthesia or IV sedation depending on the needs of the patient. To begin the procedure, our surgeons will create a medial incision and will then remove any excess fatty tissue, using Liposuction if needed. Any remaining tissue will be tightened and dissolvable stitches will be used for a quick and effective healing process. The procedure will reshape your thighs to create smoother skin with a more defined and proportionate finish to the legs. 

Candidates for the Thigh Lift Surgery:

  • Individuals with poor skin elasticity on the inner or outer thighs. 

  • Excessive skin on the thighs due to dramatic weight loss.

  • Sagging, hanging skin on the inner or outer thighs due to aging.

Scarring and Risks: 

The Thigh Lift will result in a thin, visible scar that will fade with time. The scar will run along the inner side of leg and its length will vary depending on whether a mini or full thigh lift was performed. Risks of the surgery include infection, scarring, bleeding, and poor wound healing. 

The Results: 

While the initial outcome of a thigh lift is noticeable almost immediately, one must wait for swelling to subside before the results can be admired. Swelling may take several months fully disappear, but the results are permanent. When healing is complete you can expect a beautiful pair of slimmer, symmetrical thighs; proportionate to your body’s every dimension.