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The Med Spa, at Inside Beauty, Where Beauty Meets Science

At Inside Beauty’s Park Avenue Med Spa, we have created the perfect escape for you and your skin to feel its very best. Our Med Spa gives you the opportunity to discover your most youthful appearance through our expert skincare and plethora of non-surgical treatments. With our team of world renowned doctors, Inside Beauty’s MedSpa provides comprehensive relief against the signs of aging.

The MedSpa at Inside Beauty is like no other, delivering the absolute highest quality of clinical results, in a beautiful, modern and relaxing environment. We want to provide you with care that is not only individualized but all-encompassing in every sense of the word. Our team of experts provide a 360°, head-to-toe analysis to ensure that your every beauty concern is met. We pride ourselves on paying attention to every detail, to ensure that your experience at Inside Beauty is second to none. 


Inside Beauty Signature Facial

Turn back time. Utilizing the revolutionary time-reverse technology of the BABOR Re-Youth complex, this innovative, luxury facial retains and extends skin cell lifespan, reactivates the skin’s own anti-aging mechanisms and reclaims lost radiance as it visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles. 

The Lift You Up New York Facial

Plump and densify your skin with this collagen boosting therapy. Ultra-potent hyaluronic acid and collagen plump the skin from the inside out while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

The Manhattan Night Out Facial

This high-performance treatment repairs moisture deficits, leaving your skin thoroughly hydrated, plump and glowing. The cocoa extract will create an anti-blue light filter protecting skin from digital aging. It optimizes the skin’s ability to store moisture and preventing premature aging.

A complexion with refined pores and perfectly balanced skin are the result of this highly targeted treatment. Excess oil break outs and congestion are gently removed without dehydrating the skin resulting in an even, calm and clear complexion.

Clear Out the Pollution Purifying Facial

Experience the iconic Bi-Phase Cleansing Ritual, followed by the most intensive form of beauty therapy - a professional ampoule treatment. With highly dosed natural active ingredients tailored to your skin type, this concentrated treatment immediately produces visible results you can see and feel.

Stop Stress Express Facial

Addresses all concerns of aging. An advanced anti - aging recovery treatment that restores firmness, helps building collagen, improves sun damage and reduces the appearance of pores with a long lasting effect. 

Retinol Firming Facial

Treatment designed to cleanse and soothe aggressive exposure related to sports and shaving irritation. Facial massage and Rehydration

Gentleman’s Facial


Shape of You

Softer, smoother, firmer skin is achieved from this deep body exfoliation utilizing refined mineral salts and fragrant detoxifying enhancing oil followed by a warm and creamy ACE Body Wrap. 

Persian Princess

A secret of Asian women who’s skin seems not to change! Traditional Persian Body Scrub and deep skin exfoliation with an organic and fully natural “Roohshour.” Persian body treatment performed with whey and hand woven cloth. 100% unprocessed ingredients for a natural way to achieve your body glow.

Beauty & The Breast

This luxury treatment will rejuvenate your neck and décolleté area. A special Body Retinol Formula by KASSIR-Derm will eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Firmer and hydrated skin will be one of many results. 

Most common Add-Ons:

-Chemical Peels or Laser treatments to remove age spots

-Skin Tightening and Nonsurgical Breast Lift with Exilis 

Select a customized mood-enhancing aroma with exclusive BABOR Effective Touch massage techniques to reshape, energize, calm or restore.


Unique Scalp Massage: treatment to detox, massage and stimulate circulation. The Persian organic Soap fights irritation from hair color or clogged follicles. 

An unparalleled experience, especially the side effect of the traditional magic soap: big VOLUME!

Head Spa

Keeping your immune system strong and your skin healthy and hydrated in winter. Tailored to the specific needs of each patient, the solutions contain fluids and electrolytes to provide immediate energy, hydration and beauty booster.

Quick fix solutions: 

  • Beauty 

  • Energy boost (available with B12 shot)

  • Detox (available with Gluthatione shot)

  • Hangover

  • Immunity

  • Weight loss 

IV Therapy

Each of our treatments begin with an aromatherapy inhalation ritual using pure essential oils.

-Add-On/Upgrade Opportunities

  • Bi-phase Ampoules (face upgrade during body services)

  • Hydro Eye Pads

  • Hydro Sheet Mask

  • Collagen Bio Matrix Mask

  • Foot/Hand Exfoliation & Massage

  • Hot paraffin Hand/Foot bags

  • IV Therapy

  • Eyebrow suite (Microblading, PRP, Hair-Tx)

Signature Elements


Spring Season Non-surgical Treatments 

1. PRP and Microneedling (Face, Body, Scalp/Hair)

-natural generative medicine

-promotes hair growth (scalp)

-promotes youthful skin (Face, Body)


Therapy and Nano Fat

3. Designer Nonsurgical Facelift | Liquid face lift 

4. The Instagram Doll Package

“I never use filters” combines Fillers, Laser and signature bestseller Skincare

5. Designer Butt lift "Booty boost"

6. Botox and Brotox

For wrinkles, lifts, contouring, sweating

7. “No Make up Make up Look”

Dermal fillers to contour the face without using Make up/Foundation 

8. Designer Nonsurgical Nose job


9. Goodbye Body Fat, Goodbye Double Chin

Fat Freezing (Coolsculpting and Mini Coolsculpting)

10 . “Shape Me!”

Face and Body Skin tightening with Radiofrequency and Ultrasound (Exilis Ultra)

11. ”Sculpt Me!”

Steel Body Muscle Tightening (Emsculpt)


12. “Hairapy”

Combines PRP and Hair transplantation (Scalp, Temples, Eyebrows)


13. Wellness and Intimicy:

Female Rejuvenation. Tightening inner and outer muscles, enhancing vaginal muscle tone, strength and control


14. IV Therapy with quick fix solution

Beauty Boost, Detox and Energy, Immune, Holiday Hangover 


15. Men's Aesthetic's

Male Breast reduction, Male Rhinoplasty, Hair Transplantation, Ab-Sculpting.


16. Sclerotherapy

For Varicose and Spider Vein 


17. Bride Make Over Package

18. Hand Rejuvenation

With Filler – Laser – Chemical Peel


19. J-lo Jaw!

Jawline Creation with Fillers 


20. Skin Lounge

Chemical Peels, Lasers, IPL, Microdermabrasion