Facelift with Neck

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As the years pass, our skin begins to lose elasticity while tissues in our face lose volume. Over many years, this can lead to deep wrinkles and loose, thinning skin around the face. At Inside Beauty, we are a team of world renowned experts who will make sure to counteract these effects and restore the beautifully vibrant face you deserve.  

With recent advancements in medical technology, the Facelift has become one of the most sought out procedures in plastic surgery. The surgery begins with an incision around the ears to separate the skin from deeper tissues. The deeper tissues of the cheeks and jawline are then carefully lifted and repositioned, and any excess skin is removed. The procedure develops a more rested and youthful contour to the face, a smoother neck and a fuller cheek area. 

At Inside Beauty, we believe in a truly comprehensive and customized approach to truly make the most of your appearance. We make sure to give you our most professional opinion to ensure that you receive the best results. Aging of the face and the neck usually occur simultaneously, and a neck lift is often best to optimize your beauty. With the neck lift, a short incision below the chin will dramatically help tighten excess tissue around the jawline to create a more defined finish.